Q: Why can't I eat after midnight before my procedure?

A: Procedures are usually done with sedation for patient comfort. If you have an empty stomach, there is less risk of getting sick from sedation and therefore less risk of aspiration of food into your lungs.

Q: Why do I need a driver?

A: The sedation used to make you comfortable may affect your ability to drive. For your safety we do not want you "driving under the influence."

Q: Why do I have to come 60 minutes before the procedure?

A: This time before the procedure is used to register, to provide a comprehensive health history, change clothes, get an IV and to make sure everything is in order before doing the procedure.

Q: Can I go back to work the same day?

A: You are not likely to feel well enough to go back to work after procedures such as discogram, facet evaluations, nerve blocks, Spinal Cord Stimulator, cervical epidural and steroid injection.

Q: What are my rights as the patient?

A: You have the right to make informed decisions regarding your care at the Millennium Surgical Center. You can read the rest of the patient rights and responsibilities on the Patient Rights & Disclosure page of this website.